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Looking for a better way to energize? You’ve found it. NOW’s energy capsules keep you going strong for 6+ hours — they work better than coffee and energy drinks, and you feel the effects with the first dose!

Give NOW a try and you’ll see why it’s the #1 favorite energy source for gamers, athletes, students, parents, entrepreneurs, day-traders and more.

13 all-natural nootropics and adaptogens fuel you for 6+ hours150

3 doses of time-released caffeine for sustained energy — no peak, no crash

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Use Code: TRYNOW2 at checkout

13 brain-sharpening nootropics & adaptogens
150mg of time-released caffeine in three doses
2x as effective as coffee - no jitters or crash


Power your late-night gaming session with unprecendented alertness, mental endurance and speedy response time.


Study session? Long work day? Get into flow state with NOW.

Use Code: TRYNOW2


Use Code: TRYNOW2 at checkout


Natural nootropics are brain enhancers that boost cognitive function, such as memory, focus and creativity.

Caffeine is the most well-known, but NAPJITSU NOW includes 13 others, including B vitamins, Cordyceps, L-theanine & Glutamine.


We are confident you'll love it like so many others, but if you aren't happy with your free sample of NOW, we'll give you your money back!

Finally, a full day's work!

Now pushes me over my afternoon slump and helps me focus and stay motivated throughout my afternoon.

- Rhonda M.

Good for Studying

I'm in college and found about this from a buddy. I have been using it for late day and night studying. It gives me energy and I feel like it is helping my brain stay alert. I also took NOW a few mornings when I had been out late the night before and had to get up for class. Much better than coffee b/c no shakes. I will buy again.

- Chris

Energized for my workout

I wish I had something like this around when I was playing. I had to travel from the West Coast playing for the Cardinals to the East Coast a lot and definitely needed an energy boost. Sometimes you want to work out but your body isn't ready or your body is ready but your mind isn't. So NOW is just something to keep me focused throughout my workout.

- Lorenzo


Throughout the day, the hormone adenosine accumulates in your brain — that buildup slows your neural activity and makes you feel lethargic.

NAPJITSU NOW provides a one-two punch of power: A stash of nootropics and two hits of caffeine annihilate those sleepy hormones to keep you awake and alert.

Use Code: TRYNOW2 at checkout