10 Famous People's Sensational Napping Habits

10 Famous People's Sensational Napping Habits

From famous singers and actors, to conquerors and philosophers, a power nap is often as much a way of life as eating or breathing. Whether done out of necessity or self-care, naps can be used to boost mood, focus, energy, mental clarity and overall health. However, not all naps are created equal. 

Some naps are intended to make up for lost nighttime sleep, while others are to replace sleep altogether. Still others are used to provide clarity and enlightenment. 💡 Below is a roundup of 10 well-known people who understand that the real power move is a power nap. 

Albert Einstein 

Einstein needs no introduction. One of the smartest men to live, was also smart about getting the rest he needed in order to stay sharp. In addition to sleeping 10-11 hours each night, Einstein was also practiced in the art of taking power naps throughout the day. 

While each individual person’s sleep needs vary, it’s safe to say Einstein had his sleep needs (and everything else) all figured out. 

Lady Gaga

The singer, songwriter, actress, philanthropist, and dancer is a powerhouse of talent, often relying on stealing some shut-eye so she can stay focused on her art. She stated in an interview that her style of relaxation appears comical to her friends and colleagues, as she will usually fall asleep sitting straight upright, and wake up from her power nap ready to take on the world. 


Also known as the first official scientist and one of the greatest minds to live, Aristotle utilized a unique type of micro napping called Hypnagogic Napping to propel his thoughts. He believed that the sweet spot between sleep and wakefulness was what contributed to his genius, thus allowing him to hypothesize and theorize with ultimate clarity. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger 

Arnold Schwarzenegger has led a truly fascinating life, adding such things as bodybuilding, acting, and Governing California to his resume. How does he have the energy for all of that? Let’s not forget that he is an avid napper. 

Arnold has always focused on his physique, which led to his ingenious idea of getting accustomed to the noise of Venice Beach in order to simultaneously power nap and work on his tan. That is what we call multitasking at its finest. 

Napoleon Bonaparte

Love him or hate him, the man was clearly a force to be reckoned with. How did he manage to keep a clear head while planning battle strategy and domination of Europe? Naps. And not just any old naps, but Emperor sized ones. Due to the stress of impending battle, Napoleon would (understandably) suffer from insomnia. To combat this, he was known to sleep for 18 hour stretches after the fact! 

Let’s shift gears from dominating Europe to dominating the field…

Cristiano Ronaldo 

Soccer games, little league and professional alike, require enormous amounts of energy and stamina. This professional Portuguese soccer player (or footballer, as you prefer) opts out of a full night of sleep in favor of several 90 minute power naps throughout the day. 

Thomas Edison

Although a genius who changed the course of history with his invention of the lightbulb, Thomas Edison was no sleep expert. In fact, Edison is famous for only getting cumulatively around 3 hours of sleep each day. He viewed sleep as a waste of time, and had some choice words about people who still relied on a rooster to determine their waking habits. 

How did he make this list? Edison utilized power naps to stay focused, often hiding in out-of-view places (such as under stairs), and he hired people whose sole duty was to wake him from these naps.

Winston Churchill

The former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, when asked to what he attributed his success, he answered: “Economy of effort. Never stand up when you can sit down, and never sit down when you can lie down.” Rather than displaying disgust for the practice, Churchill was almost proud of his penchant for rest. 

Every evening Churchill would treat himself to a glass of whiskey and a power nap before getting to work – often hustling through the whole night in an adult onesie. 

North West

Yes, the daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. This young diva has been known to take a snooze whenever the mood hits. Who hasn’t been tempted to take a quick nap in the furniture store? Growing up in the spotlight allows Miss West to feel comfortable catching a few zzz’s for the whole world to see. (Fine, she’s a toddler and toddlers nap a lot — but we still think there’s something to be said for the importance of naps for mood and growth.)

Leonardo Da Vinci 

Never one to do anything the expected way, Da Vinci practiced polyphasic sleep, otherwise called the “sleep of genius.” This involved taking several 10 minute naps every few hours, totaling 2 hours of sleep each day. Maybe the Mona Lisa’s expression isn’t as mysterious, as drowsy from trying to keep up with her creator’s sleep schedule.

So the next time you’re wondering if you should take time out of your busy day to have a power nap, ask yourself: “What would Einstein do?” You just might wake up refreshed, focused, and ready to create a new Theory of Relativity, or maybe just finish that project you’ve been putting off. 

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